Gutter brushes

The gutter brush is the latest innovation and consists of a wire equipped with plastic bristles.

  • the material is UV-stable
  • individual length
  • is inserted into the rain gutter

Due to the special bristle attachment, only rainwater penetrates through these areas.

  • unwanted leaves and branches are held back
  • the water overflow is not prevented
  • also small animals like martens are repelled

It is impossible for animals like martens to walk over the hard bristles with their sensitive paws, which prevents them from finding an entrance hole under the roof tile into the house.


Price per running meter: CHF 8.50
Price per safety clip: CHF 5.20

We recommend installing one safety clip per running meter.

We would be pleased to submit you an offer for the installation.

Due to the flexibility and pliability of the material, a complete assembly of the gutter is possible. The bristle achieves optimum results when it is laid out in the complete gutter. This extends the cleaning intervals and prevents the gutter from freezing up in winter.

Gutter brush is both an effective marten protection and leaf protection in the roof area.

The rain gutter no longer serves as a protected running track.


For questions please send us an email info@sf-insectcontrol.ch

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