Pest control

Brief overview of our services

Our core competence lies in classical pest control. It is not primarily our aim to kill pests, but to drive them away if possible so that they are no longer where we do not want them to be.

We treat ants problems, bedbugs, wasps’ nests, cockroaches, silverfish, mice, rats, flies, mattress cleaning, box borers, wood protection, disinfection, mites, lice, voles, housebuck, grain weevils, dried fruit moths, wire worms, flour moths, centipedes, spider mites, sapwood beetles, death clocks, tobacco beetles, flat grain beetles, bread beetles, etc.

The solution against annoying cobwebs and insects with long-term effect!

You know the problem: Wherever there are mosquitoes and other insects, the spiders weave their sticky webs. Especially light sources outdoors are a great attraction for mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Hardly cleaned, everything is full of cobwebs again. An eternal nuisance! It doesn’t have to be. Just give us a call, and the trouble’s over. With special brooms we remove the existing cobwebs and spider nests, then we carry out the spray treatment against a new spider infestation with odourless products.

With our spider protection you save the costs for extensive cleaning work and contribute to the conservation of value of your property.

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