Wood preservation

The larvae of wood pests are commonly called woodworm. The name is derived from the worm-like appearance of the insect larvae that pierce wood and feed on it. They are called house longhorn beetles, sapwood beetles, common or colourful nail beetles and live in various types of wood from roof trusses, floor and ceiling constructions, stairs, furniture or other wooden objects.


An infestation by woodworms often remains undetected for years. It is particularly dangerous when load-bearing beams are affected. The resulting holes in the wood weaken the load-bearing capacity and substance of the wood. Houses are thus threatened by collapse. Woodworms, for example, cause millions of dollars worth of damage to existing buildings every year through their feeding activity.

Kammerjäger Schweiz - Schädlingsbekämpfung in der Schweiz

In addition, the woodworm does not stop at art objects and antiques, historical church organs, which are often lost as cultural treasures through complete destruction. Many architects, church, museum and cultural managers, but also home owners, monument conservators and restorers are aware of this problem and are therefore looking for effective, reliable solutions.

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Kammerjäger Schweiz - Schädlingsbekämpfung in der Schweiz
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